Our experienced, independent accident investigation services will provide the following investigations for defendants and claimants. As a completely independent organisation, our only aim is to establish facts and then use the available information to draw conclusions as to where the liability lies in any claim.

RTI’s (Road Traffic Incidents)

Whether you are making a claim or are subject to a claim, we offer a full independent investigation in order to establish liability. This includes a site visit, production of a LOCUS plan, photographic evidence and analysis, statement taking and analysis, and a conclusion.

Accidents in the Workplace

Because we are independent we can produce a report for either the employee or the employer. Our service includes a site visit, LOCUS plan, statement taking and analysis, photographic analysis and a conclusion that clearly states where liability lies. We can also make future recommendations to avoid similar accidents.

Slips Trips and Falls

If your client has had an accident and it was due to the negligence of another party, we can produce an independent report containing a LOCUS plan and analysis, photographic analysis, statement taking and a conclusion that clearly identifies where liability lies.

All of our reports are extremely thorough and our investigators are fully qualified and experienced in the field of independent investigations. We can tailor any of the above reports to suit your needs, while always being flexible in order to meet client requirements.


We are able to carry out CFA delivery.